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From 3 Nov ‘22 the Members Page password will be updated to the one noted in the 2022-23 Members Directory
CANCER SUPPORT The largest, most comprehensive and excellently run Cancer Support Group for Anglophones in France is Cancer Support France, which has a brilliant website with lots of info, and regular newsletters etc. http://www.cancersupportfrance.org Cancer Support have extended their service during the pandemic to anyone needing support it does not have to be cancer related: Tel 0800 240 200 h elp li n e@ c an c er su p p o rt f ran c e.f r The local group is: CSF Provence Gard. For general information about CSF Provence Gard & how they can help you, go to: www.csfprovencegard.com. The helpline number is 04 66 81 18 58. You will receive a personal response as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours. Helpline Email: csfprovencegard@gmail.com There’s also an active Cancer Support Group set up in the Alpes Maritimes - CSG06. For their website go to: http://cancersupportgroup06.wixsite.com/csg06 Information can be found everywhere on-line, but the best sources (reassuring as well as realistic) are: a) Macmillan Cancer Support information on all sorts of cancers and treatments, excellent: http://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and- support/index.html b) These are recommendations for more general, reliable info sites: www.cancer.gov This is the USA National Cancer Institute/National Institute for Health, and gives comprehensive info on cancer and treatments. www.nelh.nhs.uk (The UK National electronic library for health). Covers all aspects of health, illness and treatments — not just cancer. www.inteliHealth.com (Drug and medicines info from Harvard Medical School) Great website for babies’, kids’, womens’ problems etc. — from medical to behavioural. Easy to use and free from medical jargon. Also has patient info leaflets which can be printed off.