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Useful helpline links Cancer Support have extended their service during the pandemic to anyone needing support it does not have to be cancer related: Tel 0800 240 200 h elp li n e@ c an c er su p p o rt f ran c e.f r h t t p s:/ / c an c er su p p or t f ra n c e.org SOS Helpline for English speakers similar to Samaritans 01 46 21 46 46. 3pm to 11pm daily h tt p s: / / w ww .s os h elp li n e .org The Samaritans: UK based with overseas line, not free 0044 330 094 5717 or 0044 8457 90 90 90 jo @ sam arit an s. or g Counselling in France a website which includes a range of English and other languages h t t p s:/ / w ww .c o un selli n g in f ra n c e.c om